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My best friend

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You know, I’ve NEVER talked about my best friend ever. But he’s fucked me over way to many times where I don’t care anymore, so this will be fun…to be continued cause really busy write now and not worth my energy at all LOL

I’m going to write everything since this blog is confidential. For me to get things out and everything he’s done to me, what he has, his secrets, the lies he’s told and continues to tell to make himself look good, how he’s not a real man, how tries to be a womanizer, never follows through, his deepest darkest secrets and much more 🙂


Self Esteem

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If you have low self esteem the sex won’t be good for you because you’ll be constantly thinking of that one or many things.

An example: I got dumped because
1. Wouldn’t let them blow me
2. Wouldn’t let them fuck me

Yea I know, Im supposed to love anal but there’s a difference between loving anal and being a slut. I still have morals. I have to care for the person because it makes it that much better and you want it.

Other things Im self cautious about is
1. My weight (I Never take my shirt off)
2. Self- cautious about my dick size.

I want to be the female in the relationship and that’s not what he wanted.

Unfortunately can’t get my dick bigger unless get an implant however can change weight but takes time.

Thank You

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images-1 images Unknown-1 UnknownThank you to the following Books for your information as well as many websites and my own personal experiences as well as others 🙂 

Taking A Break…

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I’m going to be taking a break from this blog for awhile even though not completed and work on my other blogs when can.

Going to start my journey to health one first.

Anonymous Sex: Discreet Sex

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Directions for discreet anonoymous sex.

Discreet= just between you too. Can talk about it with each other but no one else. Doesn’t make you any less of a man.

Anonoymous sex rules
1. KNOW who the person is
2. No face to face contact
3. No words except moaning or screaming in pleasure or pain that’s pleasure.
4. Can talk about it afterwords.

When he was playing with my ass I kept my head down in the pillow.
When fucking me kept head down in the pillow but was tired and finished so I saw him leave the room and go into the bathroom.
I got blindfolds he could lock up as well as ear plugs and a gag because can moan loud.
He would act like going somewhere but then knew it was him.

One thing he did was turn the heater on me blasting so I would take my shirt off. I’ve never let ANYONE see me without a shirt but glad I did because best time I’ve had. He laid next to me naked so I could feel his hair on my back and pubes on my ass that made it the best. He wasn’t hard but I did all the work instead of him. I would rub my ass on his pubes and dick and would grab his cock with my ass (not trying to get him hard) but could do it all day/night long.

One time he had watery discharge/piss on my ass and knew he was ashamed or embarrassed because he got up and i told him and begged him “I don’t care at all, please come back”

Two of the BEST times were interrupted by his mom and he wouldn’t come back or continue. Was so bummed because it was for nothing.

I will admit, I am jealous of his ex because I was there just before he met her, we never did face to face, if tried to lick his chest he would stop me or just lick the hairs on back before his ass told me “I have no respect for him”

But whenever He wanted, I would let him. I didn’t jack off once there but ass play made me feel I was walking on air afterwards. I wish he would of done my fantasy on my birthday. I was hoping but never happened.

Now, we don’t talk anymore. It’s okay though, I wish him the best. He does it EVERY time we see each other. I’m used to it but over it. I have my prostate massager that it similar to his size that actually he picked out at the sex store and the picture shown earlier.


Easy Words To Turn A Female on

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Even If you aren’t the verbal type, words can really turn a female on:

“Do you like that? You like that huh? It feels good”

” I want to feel the inside of you. I want to be inside of you”

” You like that cock don’t you? Makes you feel good?”

“Fuck, you feel so good. Your so wet”

Those are examples of simple words that can turn a female on if not the verbal dominant type.
If your dominant (which should be if the man in the relationship) but if into being dominant the list goes on but examples are

“God, I want to fuck you so bad”

Give directions “I want you to ride my cock good”

Very dominant can be things like

“Take it bitch or faggot”

“Take that cock you fucking slut” (even if there not a slut.

The list goes on and on.